Strategic Plan

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Internal Assessment DEMOGRAPHICS
Driving Forces Implications for Miami Dade
The number of MDC students classified as underprepared will increase as CPT cutscores increase. Serving a college preparatory population will continue as a major challenge in the long run. Students may need additional support programs and more options other than remedial work.
The number of students pursuing second language courses has stabilized while overall enrollment has declined. The success of these students and the best mechanism (including applications of technology) for providing service should be examined.
Older non-traditional students continue to be a significant portion of the student population. Programs and services for these students should be improved or developed as needed.
Minority students continue to be the largest proportion of our enrollment. Faculty/staff minority proportions may need to become more congruent with student proportions.
Articulation possibilities for new High School graduates are increasing (Tech Prep, dual enrollment). These students will require fewer MDC freshmen level courses which may impact our curriculum offerings.

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