Strategic Plan


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Dr. Eduardo Padron named fourth president of MDC September, 1995
Dr. Padron requests all college personnel to submit list of critical issues
      facing MDC
Issues lists developed into Environmental Scan
October, 1995
Executive retreat and visioning process:
       Five year Vision Statement developed
       Strategic Goals developed from Mission and Vision Statements
February, 1996
New initiatives begun with broad participation from college community:
       -Education Review
       -Technology Review (Master Plan)
Objectives from these initiatives linked to Strategic Goals
Project leaders review goals selected for Plan and make changes  1996
Objectives added to address remaining issues in Environmental Scan and other initiatives underway at the college 1996
Measures developed with input from project leaders, plus incorporation of state accountability and performance indicators 1996
Format for Evaluation Plan developed 1996
College managers (Deans and above) meet to review Plan and provide
      further input
November 1996
Final revisions incorporated and Plan approved by executive committee.
Approved Plan placed on college intra-net.
Spring 1997
Education Review, Reengineering, and Technology projects completed 1997
Implementation phase of Education Review, Reengineering, and Technology projects  1997-1999
Campuses begin retreats and campus based planning Fall 1998
Campus based plans completed with goals linked to college strategic goals. Fall 1999
Reaffirmation of Vision and Mission by college personnel.  Establishment of priorities for 1999-2000. Fall 1999
Status of 1995-2000 Strategic Plan Objectives evaluated. Fall 1999
Presentation to District Board of Trustees January 2000

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