Student Achievement Initiatives

Student Achievement Initiatives

About MDC's Student Achievement Initiatives

Established in 2011, Miami Dade College's Student Achievement Initiatives (SAI) is designed to substantially increase student success while maintaining access and quality. We will accomplish this goal through an integrated student support and academic structure that is focused on improving student success and retention at every milestone in the academic journey.

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MDC's Implementation Strategy

  1. Early efforts focused on short-term solutions that would yield the greatest initial impact - early outreach to incoming students. This included math, reading and writing test prep boot camps to 1300 new entrants; mandatory orientations for nearly 10,000 incoming students; intensive academic and career advising during the first semester for 8500 new students; and multiple programs that support and sustain college readiness and access for high school students.
  2. Led by faculty, MDC is also redesigning our academic programs, giving students more structured curriculum plans with focused coursework at all levels.
  3. MDC is developing models for a better integration of academic and support services that support the overall student experience through coaching and mentoring, communities of interest and enhanced integrated learning support resources.