AI Center

The Center serves as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) hub where technology leaders, industry experts and students can engage and collaborate. The AI Center will house the only College Credit Certificate and Associate of Science degrees in AI in the State of Florida, and expose students and existing professionals to industry leading AI platforms and industry certifications needed to fill increasing demand of applied AI jobs in the workplace.

The Center also hosts AI accelerated training programs, summer camps, forums, speakers and events as Miami Dade College continues to serve the community.

AI Industry Advisory Committee

The AI BILT (Business and Industry Leadership Team) consists of executives and technicians, from both large corporations and small companies, who understand the current and future state of AI nationally and what skills will make graduates employable. Keeping curriculum current with business world demands is one of the best ways to get students jobs. 

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The AI Center is located at North Campus, with a Wolfson Campus location opening in December 2022.

AI Center at North Campus

North Campus, Building 1, 2nd Floor
11380 NW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33167
The AI Center at North has multiple specialized facilities. From Advanced AI to Quantum Computing classrooms suitable for the most up-to-date training, to Makers Space, Design Thinking and Robotics Lab to ideate and create projects, to AI Command Center and meeting rooms to engage in team discussions.