AI Center

Learn about artificial intelligence to start or advance your career in this growing field. AI courses encompass the curriculum of our academic programs ranging from a College Credit Certificate in AI Awareness, to a College Credit Certificate in AI Practitioner, to our Associate in Science in Applied AI. Whether you are seeking to explore how AI technologies can transform your industry or embark on a tech career in AI, MDC offers the courses to enable any student to learn about AI.

Available Courses:

CAI 1001C - AI Thinking

A survey of artificial intelligence (AI) where students explore different technologies utilizing concepts and skills widely accepted for AI and digital competency. Classification algorithms, supervised vs. unsupervised learning, data preparation, and training/using learning models for predictions are presented. Prerequisite(s): CGS1060C and MAT1033 are recommended, but not required. (2 hr. lecture, 2 hr. lab)

PHI 2680 - AI & Ethics

This course acquaints students with ethics relevant to the design, implementation, and administration of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. It will explore issues such as the biases of algorithms, autonomous warfare, the risks of surveillance technologies, and the effects of technologies on employment. (3 hr. lecture).

GEB 1432 - Applied AI in Business

This course illustrates how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently applied in industries and across business functions to support business strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation. This course introduces the data-driven outcomes and ethical issues to be considered when implementing responsible AI in business and industry.

CAI 2100C - Machine Learning Foundations

Students are introduced to machine learning concepts and Python applications, including data acquisition, supervised, unsupervised, and reinforced learning. In addition, students will develop and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) models utilizing classification algorithms (2 hr. lecture, 2 hr. lab). Prerequisite(s): CAI 1001C and CAP 1047C. 

CAI 2300C - Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Students will learn the fundamental concepts of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and text processing. In addition, focus will be on knowledge and skills necessary to create a language recognition application. Recommended preparation: COP1047C or equivalent knowledge of Python programming language. (2 hr. lecture, 2 hr. lab). Prerequisite(s): CAI 2100C

CAI 2840C - Introduction to Computer Vision

Students will learn fundamental concepts in Computer Vision (CV) and image processing, including introduction to necessary proprietary and open-source Python libraries. Recommended preparation: COP1047C or equivalent knowledge of Python programming language. (2 hr. lecture, 2 hr. lab). Prerequisite(s): CAI 2100C

CAI 2820C - Artificial Intelligence Applications Solutions

A lower division course for students majoring in Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students will demonstrate competence to scope, acquire/explore data, model, evaluate, and deploy an AI/machine learning solution in a team environment. Students will create and present a code or no-code AI solution. Must be taken during the last semester before graduation. (2 hr. lecture 2 hr. lab) Prerequisite(s): CAI 2300C and CAI 2840C. This course is projected to be offered Summer 2024

Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities are available for all AI courses to students residing in Miami-Dade County that enroll in these classes. The funds will be applied automatically at the in-state tuition rate after all other resources available to cover tuition and fees have been applied. No additional scholarship applications are necessary. For more information about the scholarship for AI courses, visit the Javier Coto Scholarship.