Miami Dade College

Padrón Campus

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of World Languages at the Padrón Campus of Miami Dade College, I extend a warm welcome to our department and invite you to explore the many opportunities to study a variety of languages with us. We strongly believe in preparing our students to be global citizens able to live, work, and succeed in the 21st century.

Our department offers language education programs in three areas:

The English for Academic Purposes program is for English language learners who are interested in earning a degree or certificate at the College. We offer courses via the traditional EAP program, EAP+ and the ACE Program. Información en español disponible)

Our offerings in Foreign Languages, including, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish, are designed to help students expand their world by learning to communicate in a new language, as well as to meet the language requirements of their respective programs of study.

Our Translation and Interpretation Studies program offers an Associate of Science degree in Translation and Interpretation Studies in addition to college credit certificates in Translation or Interpretation.

We look forward to welcoming you to our program. 

Niurka Leon
Department Chair
World Languages

Department Staff

Name Email Phone Room
Niurka Leon, Department Chairperson   305-237-6003 1309
Heidi Calderon, Assistant to the Chair 305-237-6156 1308-5
Mabel Rodriguez Hernandez, Secretary 305-237-6068 1308-5


Name Email Phone Room
Dr. Ricardo Bardo-Portilla 305-237-6073 1370
James Couper 305-237-6267 1336
Frank Elsea 305-237-6060 1314
Raquel Fundora 305-237-6378 1315
Rosalie M. Kolesar 305-237-6496 1333
Frederick Richmond 305-237-6205 1364
Diana Tang 305-237-6071 1317
Dr. Adrianne Aiko Thompson 305-237-6647 1312
Margaret Shippey 305-237-6002 1342


Writing Lab (1218)

The Writing Lab assists students with ESL-related writing goals through one-on-one tutoring and individual instruction, crafted practice at each level, challenging grammar and composition exercises, and access to instructional software exercises on a bank of computers. The purpose of the writing lab is to enable EAP students to reach college level writing competency. Accomplishing this requires material complementing the all important syllabus of the classroom, the heart of the students' overall instruction.

Language Lab (1218)

The Language Lab provides a convenient place for students to practice audio-lingual skills. Electronic media is used to transmit and report prepared audio, video, and multimedia learning materials in order to improve speech and listening skills in English for Academic Purposes and Foreign Languages. Room 1218 is equipped to facilitate live interactive oral practice with a lab instructor and among large groups of students. The Internet is available to students, as well as other learning materials on the Web.

Translation/ Interpretation Lab (1218)

This lab is equipped with audio-visual equipment for translation and interpretation. There are 25 student stations where students use computers to refine their translation and interpretation skills. Due to the specialization of this lab/classroom, the students at Padrón Campus have been able to participate in the internship for court interpreters.