Miami Dade College

Padrón Campus

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences webpage. Our mission is to guide students’ successful transition from MDC to the workforce or to a four-year college or university, having a strong mathematics base with little or no anxiety. Our goal is to eliminate the anxiety out of the equation. Here you will find information about mathematics courses offered including requirements to enroll in subsequent courses. We also offer comprehensive tutorial services via the mathematics lab, run by an outstanding team of instructors. The mathematics faculty and staff strive to ensure that each student attains the necessary skills to further his/her academic and professional development. We invite you to take a moment to explore all the exciting things the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has to offer.

Classroom/Lab Etiquette

Please refrain from bringing food or drinks into any classroom, lab, or into the courtyard. Please turn off any cellular phones and set pagers to "vibrate." You are expected to arrive on time to class, depart when the class has concluded, and treat others respectfully. You are encouraged to ask questions. The tutors in the lab must help all the students and take turns; they cannot work with one student for a prolonged period of time. We are unable to offer one-to-one continuous tutoring.

Math Department Faculty

Name Phone Room
Alfredo Leon, Chairperson 305-237-6717 1323
Doris Sandigo, Secretary 305-237-6363 1308-2
Dr. Rosany Alvarez 305-237-6057 1341
Dr. Jyrko Correa-Morris 305-237-6006 1348
Dr. Dinesh Vidhani   1345
Dr. Jaeson Clayborn   1350
Dr. Adolfo Mendez   1350
Professor Sergio Garcia 305-237-6038 1337
Professor Belarmino Gonzalez 305-237-6216 1367
Professor William Neris 305-237-6616 1342
Professor Luis Rodriguez 305-237-6092 1361
Dr. Jose Serpa 305-237-6110 1369
Dr. Cleveland Taylor 305-237-6227 1313