Remote Learning for Students


Testing and Assessment

Midterms, Final Exams and Remote Testing Information

Test Administered

Contact Testing and Assessment and Explore the Website for More Information

Single Stop

Student Financial Services

Learning Resources

  • Office: 305-237-3144
  • Computer Courtyard: 305-237-7022


Prospective and New Students

New Student Center - First Semester at MDC? Get Help Here

The first point of contact for prospective and new students, who are attending college for the first-time or who are transferring from another institution, is the New Student Center.

ACCESS Disability Student Support Services

Contact ACCESS Disability Student Support Services - contact information for all eight MDC Campuses.

Dual Enrollment Students

International Students

Military & Veteran Students

  • Military and Veteran Student Services
    Miami Dade College's Military and Veterans Services (MILVET) office is available to assist all eligible U.S. Military and Veteran students and dependents who are using their VA educational benefits to further their education. MDC's MILVET staff can provide information about educational entitlements and certifying educational benefits to the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).
  • Veteran and Military Services Resource Guide (PDF)
    Please use this resource guide to acclimate yourself with pertinent information and procedures regarding Military and Veteran Students at MDC.
  • Veteran & Military Students FAQs
    FAQs for Veteran and Military Students

Student's Rights & Responsibilities

Student's Rights and Responsibilities