Remote Testing


Exams during COVID-19

All exams at MDC administered at the Testing and Assessment Departments have been cancelled through July 31, 2020. This date will be re-evaluated periodically.  Until further notice, testing and assessment services are limited to MDC students.

The following tests are eligible to be requested through MDC's Remote Testing process: ACCUPLACER ESL, ACCUPLACER NEXT-GENERATION, CART, CSP, Florida Ready to Work, PERT, and TEAS. 

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Remote Testing Fees

Students will not be responsible for any fees associated with remote testing until regular college operations resume.

Costs associated with a student taking any proctored exam/assessment through a technology-supported remote proctor (ProctorU, Respondus Monitor, etc.) will be covered by Miami Dade College for this term only.

Additional information on fees

Midterm and Final Exams

If you have an exam in one or more of your Summer 2020 classes, you may need to use a technology-supported tool and/or proctor.

Options for technology-supported remote proctoring:

  • Respondus Monitor (RM)
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB)
  • ProctorU

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Remote Testing Options

Young man with headphones looking at the screen of a laptop 

MDC students requesting to take a placement test at another institution or via a technology supported online proctoring service.

Request a Remote Test

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MDC Online students (local and out of area) who need to take a test.

Request an MDC Online Remote Test

Additional Resources

MDC Testing and Assesment Website

Current information on available services at MDC Testing and Assesment Departments

Remote Learning Resources

Find out what tools you need to continue your studies and finish your semester online

Coronavirus Information and Resources

For information on MDC's operation during this period please visit our COVID-19 website.

Please note the following options are not available until further notice:

  • You are a student from another institution requesting to take a placement test at MDC.
  • You are an MDC student or a student from another institution requesting to take a Distance Learning Exam at MDC or You are requesting to take a proctored exam at MDC (e.g. for your employer, agency, or certification board).