MDC Students walking to class

Our Mission

As democracy’s college, Miami Dade College changes lives through accessible, high-quality teaching and learning experiences. The College embraces its responsibility to serve as an economic, cultural and civic leader for the advancement of our diverse global community.

Rights and Responsibilities Procedure

Important Policies and Procedures

Please Note: Miami Dade College reserves the right to cancel classes and/or programs for which there is insufficient enrollment, to close a class when the enrollment limit in that class is reached and to make any schedule changes as necessary, including a change in time, days, credit, location or instructor. In the event of cancellation, the College will notify each registrant by email and will issue a full refund. Miami Dade College is not responsible for any other related expenses.

Student Expectations

As a college student, you now have control of your destiny. A college education not only prepares you for a profession, but it is also an important step in making you a more productive member of society. Miami Dade College takes great pride in offering a high quality and challenging learning environment that will expose you to myriad opportunities for discovery and growth. You also play a central role in fostering and maintaining a quality academic environment for yourself and others.

You can expect

  • excellence in teaching
  • encouragement of innovation and creativity
  • a free exchange of ideas
  • respect for cultural diversity
  • a comprehensive array of services to maximize your academic success

You are expected to

  • attend classes regularly and on time
  • succeed and do well in your classes
  • strive for personal excellence
  • treat others with courtesy and respect
  • contribute to the marketplace of ideas at the College
  • demonstrate personal and academic integrity in your dealings with others
  • make a positive contribution to the multicultural, multiracial environment at the College
  • share responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the physical surroundings.

Excess Hours Advisory Statement - Effective for the 2019 Summer Term and Thereafter

Section 1009.286, Florida Statutes, establishes an "excess hour" surcharge for a student seeking a baccalaureate degree at a state university. It is critical that students, including those entering Florida colleges, are aware of the potential for additional course fees. "Excess hours" are defined as hours that go beyond 120% of the hours required for a baccalaureate degree program. For example, if the length of the program is 120 credit hours, the student may be subject to an excess hour surcharge for any credits attempted beyond 144 credit hours (120% x 120).

All students whose educational plan may include earning a baccalaureate degree should make every effort to enroll in and successfully complete those courses that are required for their intended major on their first attempt. Florida college students intending to transfer to a state university should identify a major or "transfer program" early and be advised of admission requirements for that program, including the approved common prerequisites. Course withdrawals and/or repeats, as well as enrollment in courses nonessential to the intended major, may contribute to a potential excess hours surcharge.

Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Statement

Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution which does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, marital status, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, ethnicity, pregnancy, sexual orientation or genetic information.