Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan


The Miami Dade College (MDC) Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) is designed for use by the entire college community. The CEMP is designed to protect lives and property through effective use of college, local, state and federal resources. The CEMP establishes standard operating guidelines, based on existing policies and procedures, for the response to an emergency impacting the College. The CEMP describes the emergency management roles and responsibilities of the entire college community and provides a strategy to be prepared as possible for the most likely hazards. Since an emergency may be sudden and without warning, the CEMP is intended to be flexible in order to accommodate contingencies of various types and magnitudes. The MDC CEMP does not limit the use of good judgment and common sense in matters not foreseen or covered by the elements of the plan.


The CEMP outlines the mitigation/prevention, preparation, response and recovery actions of MDC personnel and resources for all-hazards that could negatively impact MDC. The CEMP incorporates the use of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to facilitate interagency coordination between responding agencies and is consistent with the Miami-Dade County CEMP, State of Florida CEMP, and National Response Framework (NRF). MDC continuously collaborates with local, state and federal emergency response agencies in the development, implementation and maintenance of the MDC CEMP.

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Miami Dade College Emergency Action Guide


This 15-page guide provides students, faculty, and staff members a quick reference on the main hazards and emergencies our institution plans for in the overall Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). These are not new procedures; rather an extraction of the policies and procedures from our CEMP.

Intended Use

The guide, to include all hyperlinks, also displays on iPhone and iPad using the iBook application (or any compatible .pdf viewer). Stay informed...copy and paste to your computer desktop, use on iPad or iPhone, or Android device, or print for quick reference in the event of an emergency situation. The COVER PAGE and each GUIDE PAGE is hyperlinked for easy movement. In addition, each page is a single sheet so that it may be printed and placed/used on bulletin boards, office correspondence, handouts, etc.

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