Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Office of Sexual Violence Prevention

In October 2018, Miami Dade College was awarded a grant from the Department of Justice's Office of Violence Against Women, leading to the development and staffing of the Miami Dade College Office of Sexual Violence Prevention (OSVP). The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention, a division of the Department of Emergency Management, is overseen by the MDC Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT). This multidisciplinary team seeks to provide evidence-base programming to reduce sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking in our diverse college community and deliver a safe learning and working environment. The College understands the impact and consequences of sexual violence and strives to create and maintain an educational environment and workplace that is free from such effects.

The Office of Sexual Violence Prevention can provide information on sexual violence awareness and prevention to students and employees. In addition, the OSVP distributes posters, palm cards, and printed materials designed to educate its students and employees about the impact of sexual violence, how to help a friend, and bystander intervention. Additional programs coordinated by the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention include:

  • It's On Us: A campaign to address sexual assault awareness with year-round events at all campuses, in collaboration with Student Life, Deans Office, Access and other Academic units within the college.
  • MDC SHARK Violence Prevention Training: Online training which provides new employees and students a comprehensive training experience regarding ongoing prevention and awareness on sexual violence, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence.
  • MDC SHARK Initiative: In Spring of 2020, the OSVP will implement the MDC SHARK Initiative. The Initiative, organized around the principles of safety, humility, action, respect, and kindness, will include in-person sexual violence prevention training, social media messaging and material development to promote bystander intervention and awareness. Training topics include healthy relationships, gender norms, and an introduction to gender-based violence as well as the option for tailored training sessions related to sexual violence, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence.

For more information about sexual assault prevention at MDC, contact the Office of Sexual Violence Prevention at or 305-237-2663.

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