Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Miami Dade College Alerts

Parents, vendors, consultants and others in the MDC community, sign up to receive alerts about campus emergencies, closures and other critical situations.

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System Overview

Miami Dade College Alerts is the College's emergency notification system. If there is an emergency that threatens life safety on a campus and/or severely impacts normal college operations, college officials will warn the campus communities using one or more of the following methods:

  • Siren & Public Address
  • Text Messages
  • E-mail
  • Student Hotline (305) 237-7500
  • Employee Hotline (305) 237-7505
  • Voicemail Messages
  • Local TV Media
  • Local Radio Media

Additional information can be found on the Miami Dade College Alerts frequently asked questions page, or you can email questions to

Text Messaging

By registering your cell phone number with the college, you will receive emergency text messages alerting you of a current or imminent threat. Your cell phone must have text messaging capabilities. Miami Dade College will use this information for emergency communication purposes only.

Local News

Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, local news stations may carry live breaking news or periodic updates regarding an emergency on campus. Their websites may also carry live streaming video, video clips, or text updates.


MDC can quickly alert students, faculty, and staff of emergency conditions by sending an e-mail to your official or e-mail address.

Emergency Information Hotlines

Official emergency information may also be accessed by calling the Student Hotline, 305-237-7500, or Employee Hotline, 305-237-7505. Please keep in mind that this recording may take several minutes to update.

Student & Employee Information

  • All current students and employees are automatically enrolled in the College Emergency Notification System (ENS). All Miami Dade College issued e-mail addresses ( or have been downloaded into the Miami Dade College Alerts database. However, an opt-out message will be sent at the beginning of each term if you elect not to receive MDC Alerts via text messages.
  • Students receive alerts only between the first and last day they are registered for Miami Dade College classes. Employees receive alerts only while they are employed by the college.
  • Students and employees are able to update their emergency notification information at any time by updating their personnel records. A Miami Dade College username and password are needed to access these links:
  • Students and employees are required to confirm their emergency notification information for Miami Dade College Alerts at least once a term.

Family Members, Friends & Visitors

  • Only students, faculty, and staff with active MDC accounts are entered into the MDCAlert system’s primary notification methods (text, voice calling, and email). Allowing family members, friends, or the general public to register could potentially slow the overall speed at which the system sends emergency messages. Family members, friends, and visitors are encouraged to like Miami Dade College on Facebook or Follow MDC Alerts on Twitter:
  • Facebook: Like Miami Dade College on Facebook. While this page will broadcast emergency alerts in the event of an incident, it is not intended to serve as a primary communication method.
  • Twitter: Follow @MDCAlert. While this page will broadcast emergency alerts in the event of an incident, it is not intended to serve as a primary communication method.