Testing and Assessment

Medical Testing

The Medical Campus Testing and Assessment Department offers a variety of assessments. Among these assessments are college placement tests, medical program entrance tests, end-of-program certifications, and proctoring services for non-MDC assessments. Medical Testing also offers thousands of exams offered by test vendors such as PearsonVue, PSI, PSI True Talent, Measured Learning, PROV, Prometric, NHA, ACT, SAT, and many others. Medical Campus academic exam administrations are performed in conjunction with campus faculty to provide facility use and test security assistance with classroom exams.

Medical Testing Resources

Testing Center Facilities

The Medical Campus Testing Center is comprised of two testing rooms with 97 testing stations, which are used for computerized and pencil and paper testing. To achieve the highest level of test security, testing staff employ methods such as CCTV, secure locker use, and metal detectors amongst other things. The Testing Center also offers ACCESS testing accommodation spaces for most exams, including private rooms with screen reading and zoom text software. The Medical Campus Testing and Assessment Department also makes use of multiple on-campus computer labs, auditoriums, and classrooms for large exam administrations and campus academic exams.

Map with a pin at the Medical Testing Center