Testing and Assessment


The purpose of Miami Dade College Testing and Assessment unit is to provide a wide range of placement and competency exams, professional certifications, and assessment services necessary for its stakeholders (students, faculty, administrators, and the community at large) to make informed educational decisions. Unit’s primary functions, in alignment with the college’s mission, is to support students' success are:

  • Provide leadership and direction for college-wide testing and assessment student centered programs
  • Support and facilitate student testing and assessment, Campus Surveys, College Feedback, and Industry Certification initiatives
  • Implement college-wide policies and procedures related to testing and assessment programs
  • Provide consultation services to academic and non-academic areas as data liaisons
  • Serve as a resource for college testing and assessment best practices


These services are provided to assist in the measurement of academic and administrative standards and to promote the continuous improvement of student learning and career assessment through the accessibility of a variety of high-quality assessments. The Testing and Assessment area will continue meeting the evolving needs of all constituents by expanding assessment offerings, building technology infrastructure, creating professional development opportunities, and instituting effective measures. Services are also offered in an environment conducive to testing while meeting established security and proctoring standards. 


The Testing and Assessment area also adheres to the National College Testing Association’s (NCTA) and Florida Association of College Test Administrators (FACTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines. Testing and Assessment is a charter member of both organizations and is NCTA Test Center Certified.


Assessment, Evaluation, and Testing (AET) provides expert technical support to the entire College community in the collection and use of assessment, evaluation, and testing evidence for the development, implementation, and improvement of academic programs, student services, administrative services, special initiatives, and other activities.

For more information, please visit the AET website


There are ten convenient locations and each testing center is equipped with the latest computer technology and monitoring system.