Testing and Assessment

How to Send Your Test Scores to MDC

Florida High School Graduates

If you took the ACT, SAT, or PERT in Florida during high school, Miami Dade College will electronically request your test scores based upon your admission application. However, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the College receives your test scores. Please refer to the resources section on this page for instructions on confirming that your test scores have been recorded in MDConnect. 

Miami Dade College accepts electronic test scores from the providers listed below. Click on the link of the appropriate test to request your scores. If asked, please designate Miami Dade College as the recipient of your scores and follow the instructions provided by the exam. All placement test scores are valid for two years.

Please note: MDC's designated institutional codes are in parenthesis next to the test name below.

  • ACCUPLACER (MDC Test Entry Request Form)
  • ACT (code: 0770)
  • PERT (MDC Test Entry Request Form)
  • SAT (code: 5457)

Please contact the Transcript Evaluation Services Office for additional Credit-by-Exam Questions. 

Telephone: (305) 237-0440