Testing and Assessment

Miami Dade College Testing and Assessment administers a variety of different tests. There is essential information available regarding Tests; including Testing Guidelines, ID Requirements, Fees, restrictions and more.

Please note each student's academic profile is unique and different from each other. Therefore, we encourage students to consult with an Academic Advisor prior to testing, to ensure that the test the student is planning to take is the right one for their program of study.

Learning Resources offers students in English, mathematics, and other courses numerous resources, such as computer software, tutors, textbooks, graphing calculators, and video lectures to help them attain their academic goals. For additional information, please visit the Learning Resources Tutoring webpage for details.

Before taking an assessment, we encourage examinees to follow these steps in order to ensure greater results and optimize their potential.

On the day of the assessment, make sure to bring your picture IDs and follow the Testing Guidelines.

  • Manual of Policies:
    • I-30A Fees for College Credit by Examination and Evaluation of Specialized Non-Collegiate Instruction
    • VIII-30 Placement Testing (Amended on July 27, 2016)
  • Manual of Procedures:
    • 2119 Assessment of Prospective Clerical/Secretarial Employees
    • 8045 Record of Credit Earned by Examination
    • 8055 Eligibility of College Students to take the College-Level Academic Skills Test (CLAST)
    • 8303 Placement Testing of Students
  • Technical Manual of Procedures:
    • National Testing Program (Volume 6)
    • State Testing Program (Volume 6)
    • Archived