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General Education Core Course Options MDC Course Equivalence
ENC X101 English Composition I ENC1101
ARH X000 Art Appreciation ARH 1000
HUM X020 Introduction to Humanities HUM 1020
LIT X000 Introduction to Literature LIT 2000
MULX010 Music Literature/Music Appreciation MUL 1010
PHI X010 Introduction to Philosophy PHI 2010
THE X000 Theatre Appreciation THE 2000
MAC X105 College Algebra MAC 1105
MAC X311 Calculus I MAC 2311
MGF X106 Liberal Arts Mathematics I MGF 1106
MGF X107 Liberal Arts Mathematics II MGF 1107
STA X023 Statistical Methods STA 2023
Natural Sciences
AST X002 Descriptive Astronomy AST 1002
BSC X005 General Biology BSC 1005
BSC X010 General Biology I BSC 2010
BSC X085 Anatomy and Physiology I BSC 2085
CHM X020 Chemistry for Liberal Studies CHM 1020
CHM X045 General Chemistry I CHM 1045
ESC X000 Introduction to Earth Science ESC 1000
EVR X001 Introduction to Environmental Science EVR 1001
PHY X020 Fundamentals of Physics PHY 1020
PHY X048 General Physics with Calculus PHY 2048
PHY X053 General Physics I PHY 2053
Social Sciences
AMH X020 Introductory Survey Since 1877 AMH 2020
ANT X000 Introduction to Anthropology ANT 2000
ECO X013 Principles of Macroeconomics ECO 2013
POS X041 American Government POS 2041
PSY X012 Introduction to Psychology PSY 2012
SYG X000 Principles of Sociology SYG 2000