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Wellness Matters

At Miami Dade College, we say that “opportunity changes everything.” Wellness opportunities are provided to promote an optimal level of health that can lead to a higher quality of life.

Wellness matters. Positive wellness and prevention activities can decrease stress and minimize the risk of illness, thereby increasing the overall effect of wellbeing that affects your actions and emotions. Wellness can foster meaningful social interactions that can increase the connectedness that makes academic work more satisfying and successful. MDC values an exceptional learning environment that challenges and empowers students to attain both academic and personal goals. Wellness is a part of that formula for success.

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MDC Fitness, Aquatics and Wellness Centers

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Kendall Campus

Fitness, Aquatics and Wellness Center

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North Campus

Aquatic and Fitness Center

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Wolfson Campus

Fitness and Wellness Center

Miami Dade College Resources

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MDC offers a range of resources to help students emotionally and physically navigate the demanding pace of modern life. From financial counseling to health referrals and providing assistive technologies, MDC can help students get the help they need.

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Additional Resources

Helpful organizations

Need a little help? You're not alone. There are a number of organizations that may be helpful in your search for wellness. Here are just a few, ranging in everything from environmental concerns to food banks:

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