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Learn about the opportunities both in and out of the classroom that have empowered Honors College students to fulfill their goals by transferring to the best institutions in the country.

Homestead Honors College

Honors College

The Honors College will begin accepting students to comprise the new Homestead entering class set to start in Fall 2022. For more information, please contact (305) 237-7077 or email us at


Stackable Scholarships

Generous scholarships that result in refunds to jump start your savings plan for your transfer needs.

Personal Education/Achievement Coach (Strategist)

One-on-one mentoring/coaching by a dedicated director that knows your academic and career goals.

Advanced Transfer to Top-Tier Institutions

In 2021, our students received over 350 acceptances to top 50 institutions and were awarded over 4.6 million dollars in scholarships.

Student and Alum Mentoring Network

Opportunities to network with 4,000 plus active and engaged alumni.

Global Leadership Development

Gain access to global seminars, study away programs, service learning and protocol training at no cost to enhance cultural competencies and build your leadership skills and abilities.

Cohort Model

Progress and succeed together from day one with likeminded and high-achieving peers that creates lifelong connections that go beyond the classroom.

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The Honors College at Miami Dade College is a learning community of some of the region's brightest students supported by the resources of the largest institution of higher learning in the country. Over a period of two years, you will build a network of lasting relationships that will inspire you to pursue your dreams.

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The Honors College encourages your personal growth while guiding you to define and reach your goals. It's a rigorous academic environment where your success depends on you, but you’ll never be alone. Classmates, advisors and instructors all work together to help you develop your greatest potential.

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Upon being accepted, you will receive the Honors College Fellows Award, which covers all in-state tuition, fees and books. As a Fellow, you will have the flexibility to use other scholarships for living expenses and supplies, minimizing your need for debt and student loans.

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The Honors College is pleased to announce and welcome a new class at the Homestead Campus. This new campus will be the fifth Honors Campus at Miami Dade College and will begin accepting students in Fall 2022.

Meet Our Students

View Manuel Marin's Story
Manuel graduated with an AA in Mechanical Engineering and transfered to Johns Hopkins University.

View Alejandro Garcia's Story
Alejandro graduated with an AA in Political Science and transfered to Princeton University.