Association of Florida Colleges

Miami Dade College Chapter

Chapter Member Information

Association of Florida Colleges 2024-2026 Executive Board Officers

Group photo of AFC
Title Name
Chapter President Roger G. Williams
Chapter Secretary Dandria Gray
Chapter Membership Chair
Dr. Sara Alegria
Immediate Past President Dr. Mark A. Ross

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Hialeah Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Mr. Jacob Shilts
Secretary Mr. Raydel Jimenez
Membership Chair Vacant
Treasurer Ms. Valeria Zayon

Homestead Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Ms. Georgina “Jeanie” Canavan
Secretary Ms. Dandria Gray
Membership Chair Ms. Xania Lawrence
Treasurer Mr. Todd Lee
Faculty Liaison Mr. Ryan Adams Barton

Padrón Campus

Title Name
Vice President Dr. Belkis Cabrera
Secretary Vacant
Membership Chair & Treasurer Vacant

Kendall Campus

Title Name
Vice President Ms. Lourdes Martinez
Secretary Ms. Ania Canales Toledo
Membership Chair Dr. Jorge “Mike” Cuellar
Treasurer Dr. Clairem Diaz

Medical Campus

Title Name
Campus VP Ms. Shantonise Butler
Secretary vacant
Membership Chair vacant
Treasurer vacant
Faculty Liaison Mr. David Gonzalez

North Campus

Title Name
Vice President Mr. Jovan Wint
Secretary Ms. Liliana Ramirez
Membership Chair Ms. Oxile Accius
Treasurer Ms. Kenia Gonzalez

West Campus

Title Name
Vice President Ms. Marilyn Del Orbe Silva
Secretary Ms. Crystal Escobar
Membership Chair Ms. Mayte Castro Pino
Treasurer Dr. Christy Calderon
Faculty Liaison Dr. Trinidad Argüelles

Wolfson Campus

Title Name
Vice President Ms. Daniella Pierre
Secretary Ms. Angela Pujals
Membership Chair Vacant
Treasurer Mr. Corey Higgs

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