AI Center

MDC is committed to preparing students for careers that drive Florida’s economic growth now and in the future. Our dedicated faculty have collaborated with industry experts in AI to create cutting-edge applied AI programs. Whether a student is an AI enthusiast seeking to expand their knowledge or a tech professional aiming to upskill, MDC’s comprehensive range of programs and courses cater to a variety of needs.

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Getting Started

Explore the applications and ethical considerations of using AI technologies through our introductory AI Thinking course (CAI 1001C). Through hands-on learning acquire a foundation of key concepts such as coding, machine learning and Python-based libraries. No previous experience in technology or coding is required. The course is currently offered every semester and costs may be covered for eligible students. See available courses.

Academic Programs

AI Awareness College Credit Certificate

The College Credit Certificate in AI Awareness is a three-course program suited for students in any field interested in learning about the applications of AI across a variety of sectors, stages involved in a typical AI project, and the ethical considerations when adopting these technologies. The course work includes AI Thinking, Ethics in AI, and an elective where students explore how AI may be applied to their field of study or business sector.

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AI Practitioner College Credit Certificate

The College Credit Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Practitioner is a comprehensive six-course program that prepares students to launch a career in AI. Students discover core AI applications and explore the ethical considerations involved in their design and implementation. Through case studies and real-world examples, students develop a strong foundation in machine learning fundamentals, gain insights into the functions of AI virtual assistants, and utilize essential techniques in computer vision.

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Applied AI Associate in Science

The Associate in Science in Applied AI will support the foundation of an AI-ready workforce needed for the growing number of non-tech companies adopting AI solutions to optimize their operations. The course work includes Machine Learning Foundations, Introduction to Computer Vision, Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Python Programming, and AI Applications Solutions.

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Coming Fall 2024

Bachelor of Science in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Students in this program will acquire hands-on skills and cutting-edge knowledge on the practical applications of AI. They will additionally be equipped with ethical standards and practices in the implementation of AI systems and data-driven decision-making. Course work includes Introduction to Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Applied Decision and Optimization Theory, AI Systems Automation and Simulation for Applied AI. Teaching and learning will be further enhanced by the facilities, equipment, and AI technologies offered at MDC’s state-of-the-art AI Centers. The program is expected to launch is Fall 2024. Interested students are recommended to learn about admissions requirements and enroll in course prerequisites


Opportunities for High School Students

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AI Summer Programs

MDC offers AI summer camps for high school students every year. The programs are developed to offer students an introductory experience to the field of AI. This opportunity offers a hands- on introduction to computer science and artificial intelligence, ethical issues surrounding AI implementation, and tech careers. To register visit our High School programs website.

Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamp

MDC partnered with Mark Cuban Foundation to offer their AI Bootcamp in Miami. The AI Bootcamp is an opportunity for high school students to immerse themselves in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The program will be held over four consecutive Saturdays in October and November 2023 at the AI Centers. To learn more, visit Mark Cuban Foundation AI Bootcamp.

Dual Enrollment

Miami Dade County public school students have the opportunity to learn about AI, while earning college credits at no cost. To get started, visit MDC’s Dual Enrollment website.