Future Students

Summer Programs

Want to get ahead? Spend part of your summer participating in these great programs. The time you invest now will pay off in the future.

Fast Track Sharks Summer Program

Get Six Credits at No Cost, Plus Course Materials During the Summer Term

The program would allow students graduating from high school in 2021 the opportunity to complete up to 6 credits at no-cost and provide the materials for the courses (up to $600) during the summer term. The program would offer workshops focused on non-cognitive skills development, such as time management, empowerment, study skills, career exploration and financial literacy. Lastly, this program, through collaboration with other departments across the institution, would connect students to support services to address their needs holistically.

  • Last Day to apply is April 5th! 

Summer Bridge

The college-wide Summer Bridge Programs are designed to give high school graduates an early college experience during the Summer B Term.  Students enrolled are afforded a unique experience transitioning to college with a strong academic foundation, individualized advisement, supportive learning environment, and cultural and recreational activities. 

Students are offered a waiver of tuition for the offered courses, amongst other amenities relevant to the program (varying by campus).  Enrollment is limited at each campus and based on a first come first served basis. 

For more information, contact:

Campus Contact Information Phone Email
Hialeah Campus Gabriela Cardenas 305-237-8576 gcarden2@mdc.edu
Homestead Campus Kevin Moore 305-237-5210 kmoore1@mdc.edu
Kendall Campus Maite Padron 305-237-0907 mpadron4@mdc.edu
MEEK Educational Center Trevian Carmichael 305-237-1901 tcarmic1@mdc.edu
North Campus Homer Vallejo 305-237-1725 hvallejo@mdc.edu
Padrón Campus Diane Sinawi 305-237-6271 pamdc@mdc.edu
West Campus Markell Fanning 305-237-4953 mfanning@mdc.edu
Wolfson Campus Gricel Ubeda 305-237-3577 gubeda1@mdc.edu