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    At Hialeah Campus, our faculty is part of a tight-knit, intimate learning community that enables educators to understand the unique challenges students face and to help students overcome those challenges. They tackle busy schedules with innovation, bridge language barriers with humor, and inspire students to imagine.

    The result of their efforts is real: From award-winning student publications to dramatic increases in exam scores, the care our faculty puts into their craft creates success.

Learn more about our faculty’s success stories:

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    Environmental Restoration Efforts Across the Disciplines

    Professors Ileana Porges-West, Karen Alvarez Delfin, and Rodolfo Cruz collaborate to introduce their students to environmental restoration. On an overcast December day, EAP, Biology, and Technology students join forces to address the threat of coastal erosion on Florida beaches. Nearly 30 Hialeah Campus students and faculty joined volunteers from Miami Dade County and The Frost Museum to improve conditions for the native wildlife and ecosystem, while reaping the benefits of networking with students from other disciplines and representatives from notable organizations.

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    Professor Expanding Horizons for English for Academic Purposes Students

    Professor Ileana Porges-West steps beyond the traditional reading, writing, and oral skill development in her classes.  Some of the innovative ways Prof. Porges-West encourages learning include:

    • Students practicing their oral skills by preparing presentations based on a recent visit to an FIU event related to Art in the Americas.  This project requires the student to connect the poetry of Latin American poets to their country’s historical events.
    • Students presenting about the connection between diet and diseases affecting Hispanics.  This project included collecting food for Hialeah Food Drive and learning to read the labels on foods and what they mean. They also experienced a Virtual Reality trip through the human body to better understand high blood pressure , diabetes and cancer .
    • YES Club students working with a team from FEMA to help restore Simpson Park after Hurricane Irma. The park is home to many endangered plants and animals in a hammock in the Brickell area.
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    Professors Unite! Public Speaking Blends with Human Growth and Development in the Ultimate Collaboration

    Professor Sherri Sinkoff and Professor Mariana Molina launched the “Global Citizen Project-Drive for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.” Dr. Molina’s Psychology students conducted intensive research on one of nine sub-topics.  Prof. Sinkoff’s public speaking students collaborate with the psychology students and analyze the research to create a comprehensive presentation, including short student video, that is delivered during a symposium.  Guests of the symposium will be asked to bring a contribution for the hurricane drive.  For more information on the upcoming symposium please contact or

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    Professors EMPOWER Non-traditional Students with Changemaking Innovation

    Professor Yane Nemeroff and Allisson Thomas Johnson identified the need to engage the older student population in innovative ways to make them feel less isolated from their peers and campus life.  Incorporating the concepts of MDC Empowered of teamwork, leadership, and empathy outside the classrooms, Professor Nemeroff offers his students the opportunity to participate in open discussion seminars where non-traditional students share their stories, identify with other students’ experiences, and form connections with their peers.  Rather than feeling that college has passed them by, the shared stories of similar students will redefine their isolation, to inspiration. Thus creating a deeper sense of inclusion for those in that context, and a greater sense of empathy on campus as well.

    For more information about these discussion seminars, please contact or
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    Cafe Cultura - Hialeah's Homegrown Literary and Visual Arts Student Magazine

    Professor Ivonne Lamazares shares her views and insights on how Hialeah Campus' literary magazine have changed her life and the life of the students.

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