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The English for Academic Purposes Program fulfills an important mission in assisting the immigrant population in the Miami-Dade County area to learn the English language in order to facilitate continuing education and entry into mainstream America.

What courses does the program consist of?

There are six levels in the EAP program, with four skill area courses in each level: Speech/Listening (3 credit hours) Reading (3 credit hours) Writing (3 credit hours) Grammar (3 credit hours) In addition, two laboratories are required: Speech Lab (1 credit) and Writing Lab (1 credit)

How do I get placed into classes?

The College administers the COMPASS/ESL test to assess the student’s proficiency in English. Classes vary by level, and placement is based on the results.

What are the program options? Traditional Option: English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

In this option, the six levels of the EAP program are offered each semester and last for 16 weeks during fall and spring semesters, or 12 weeks during the summer semester. Full-time students and international students take the four skill areas (Speech/Listening, Reading, Writing and Grammar) as well as the Speech and Writing labs. Students entering this program at a basic level (Level 1) will take six semesters approximately two years — to complete the six levels of the program with full-time study. Students who choose this option will normally take 14 credits per semester.

Concurrent Enrollment Option: EAP+

The EAP+ Program consists of EAP classes in Levels 3-6. EAP+ is an integrated skills program that combines writing and grammar into one class, and reading, speaking and listening into another class. With EAP+, there is no separate lab; the lab is integrated into the course. In addition to the integrated skills classes, students in the EAP+ Program may take college level courses while completing the program, known as concurrent enrollment. For example, students in EAP+ Level 4 may take MAT 1033 (Intermediate Algebra) while taking EAP+ courses. Students who choose this option will normally take 12 EAP credits per semester, plus 3 additional credits for their concurrent enrollment course.

Accelerated Option: The ACE Program

The ACE (Accelerated Content-Based English) Program is a fast-track EAP program for students with strong academic backgrounds. Participants in this program will complete two levels in one semester (Levels 3 and 4, or 5 and 6). Also, ACE students take a regular college credit class, such as a computer science or psychology class, thereby allowing them to get a head start on their college career at MDC. Admission into this program is on a competitive basis and requires a separate ACE Program application, as well as an interview and a writing sample. Students who choose this option will normally take 15-16 credits including their regular college credit class.

Financial aid

Financial aid is available for this program. For more information, visit this site: