Jazz At Wolfson Presents

2021-2022 Season: Sept. 15, 2021 - April 13, 2022

About Jazz at Wolfson Presents

A trumpet player illustration

Dr. Billy Taylor, the great jazz pianist, composer, educator and advocate, once referred to jazz as an "American way of creating music." Jazz at Wolfson Presents is one way that Miami Dade College demonstrates its commitment to honoring this national treasure – keeping jazz alive for generations to come.

Jazz at Wolfson Presents has been entertaining audiences since 1998 by showcasing renowned musicians to educate jazz students and to offer a cultural experience for the entire college community and the people of Downtown Miami.

The season opens with acclaimed group, The Trio, who will perform selections from their extensive catalog. Niine additional concerts will take place before the season wraps up in April 2022, which include performances in November and March by the Wolfson Jazz Ensembles.

Other artists include B-3 organist Kendall Carter in October; Russian pianist Misha Tsiganov in November; flutist Jamie Baum in December; Australian-born trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis in January; celebrated saxophonists Mark Small in February and Jeff Coffin in March. In April, renowned guitarist Paul Bollenback will close out another unforgettable season.

These monthly Jazz at Wolfson Presents performances represent the purest expression of the American spirit, and we invite you to enjoy the rhythmic variety and vitality that only jazz can provide.

Contact Information

For more information, please call 305-237-3930.