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** EFFECTIVE Fall Term 2016-1**

Important: ASTRA is no longer in service at Miami Dade College


Beginning with the Fall Term 2016 (2167) ASTRA has been replaced by MDConnect's Campus Solutions - Instructor Workload Module as the computerized instructional resource management tool used to record class assignments and special tasks assigned to:

Miami Dade College will continue using a “point system” to regulate payment and ensure that all instructional personnel is fulfilling their instructional load requirements and/or limitations based on the current contract guidelines between United Faculty of MDC (UFMDC) and Miami Dade College (MDC).


Each Campus has an individual assigned the duties of Instructor Workload Coordinator. Mr. Peter A. Davila is the Instructor Workload Coordinator for the Kendall Campus; he will be able to assist you with any Instructor Workload questions or problems you may have.


College Policy and Procedure maintains limits set for points assigned based on the contract signed between UFMDC and the College. The Human Resources Division routinely monitors teaching load assignments and notifies the Campus of any short-load, missing assignments, etc. (Refer to the Point Limitations Document) in order to ensure compliance of the agreement between the UFMDC and the College. The Campus is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of information in the Instructor Workload module of MDConnect Campus Solutions.


Full-time faculty teaching loads are as follows, per the agreement between UFMDC and Miami Dade College / Article 3; Section 4-C:

Note: Any assignment that increases the full-time faculty's teaching load above 60 points in either Fall/Spring Term or 24 points in Summer Term is considered an overload. Overload points become viable, for payment/banking, once the number of points rises above 62 points during Fall/Spring Term, or 25 points during Summer Term.


Regarding Banked Points (FT Faculty Only): As part of the new features that will be available in MDConnect, full-time faculty will be able to see their current "Banked Points Balance" within "Faculty Self Service" module (the feature is not active yet). Department Chairs are currently able to see the balance--in a different screen, but please be advised that the balance of banked points currently shown in the screen is the expected total--at the end of the current semester--if there are no absences that affect the OL(s) set for banking. For an official balance, the faculty member may request a "Banked Point Audit" from the Human Resources Department.


Adjunct faculty teaching loads are as follows and CANNOT go above the 108 point limitation for the whole academic year combined (credit, non-credit, task); there are NO exceptions or overrides for this limitation. Adjunct faculty DO NOT qualify for overload.


Note: Overload, Tasks Points, Adjunct Faculty, and Substitute Pay can only happen when:


Accessing MDConnect's Instructor Workload Module:

MDConnect is fully accessible via the web using your favorite web browser. Full-time and adjunct faculty receive access to "Faculty Self-Service" automatically to see their respective teaching schedule, assigned task or release points (FT only), point distributions, banked points, view the College course catalog, view class rosters and communicate via e-mail with students, enter grades, and many other feature available to them.


With the exception of the "Faculty Self-Service" module, access to the MDConnect's Campus Solutions - Instructor Workload module IS NOT granted automatically to all employees and requires various levels of approval. To request access, please contact Mr. Peter Davila, Instructor Workload Coordinator at 7-2039 or via E-mail to request a Campus Solutions Access Request form. Please be advised that per College Procedure 7922, access will not be granted until the employee has completed the Security Awareness Training.


As part of the transition from ASTRA/Odyssey to MDConnect Campus Solutions, Miami Dade College has now implemented a new set of term codes. You may be required enter the academic term to access specific information. The year and term is entered in the following format:



For Frequently Asked Questions about MDConnect - Instructor Workload CLICK HERE.

For training materials about MDConnect - Instructor Workload, and other MDConnect features CLICK HERE.


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