Miami Dade College

North Campus

The Arts & Philosophy Department offers a diverse range of courses designed to enrich students' cultural and intellectual interests. The department offers courses exploring topics in humanities, philosophy, art, dance, music, and theater.

Philosophy and humanities courses include art, music, dance, and theater history, allowing students to expand their understanding while meeting general education requirements for both A.A. and A.S. degree-seeking students.

Studio art courses include drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital art design.

Dance students enjoy opportunities to study ballet, modern, and world dance styles. Theater students can study set design, act, write screenplays, and learn the skills required on stage and screen.

Music students may choose to receive private instruction on their chosen instruments, participate in ensembles, and study theory and composition. North Campus music ensembles include the Chamber Singers, North Star Singers, Falcon Jazz Band, Film Scoring Orchestra, Latin Jazz Orchestra, World Music Ensemble, Salsa Ensemble, Woodwind Choir, and Chamber Brass Ensemble.