Miami Dade College

North Campus

Scenic view of the North Campus

Located on 245 acres in northern Miami-Dade County, North Campus was the College's first. It is home to a variety of academic and career training programs and also houses several unique programs.

Schools at the North Campus

  • The School of Justice trainees

    School of Justice

    The School of Justice at Miami Dade College is an internationally known public safety and educational training center. In addition to offering bachelor, associate and certificate programs, the School of Justice provides testing and training toward certification and licensing in various areas of public safety.

  • Science experiment with beakers

    School of Science

    The School of Science builds a strong foundation in the study of natural sciences. Start your journey to an advanced degree or build your skills for the cutting-edge workplace. At the School of Science, you'll find innovative learning experiences that open doors to discovery and success.

  • SEDT student with camera

    School of Entertainment and Design Technology

    The Miami Dade College School of Entertainment and Design Technology offers training in a variety of exciting careers in creative industries such as computer animation, film production, graphic design, music business, TV production, web design and more.

  • Teacher instructing student in an audio-visual center

    School of Continuing Education & Professional Development

    We offer non-college credit courses for individuals who want to enrich their cultural experiences or improve their professional or occupational skills.

Academic Departments

Artistic building

Arts and Philosophy

The Arts & Philosophy Department aims to enrich students' cultural and intellectual interests, offering courses in humanities, philosophy, ethics, art, dance, music, and theatre.

Biology/Health and Wellness

Explore living organisms and their relationship to their environment, health and wellness, and more. Our cutting-edge labs are designed for hands-on experience and interactive learning.

Group of business students


Featuring an award-winning faculty in an epicenter of international trade, the Business Department delivers top-notch education in a one-of-a-kind location.

image of molecules drawn on a piece of paper

Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Sciences

Gain a new understanding of the world around you through the prisms of astronomy, chemistry, earth science, meteorology, oceanography, physics and physical science.

Engineering and Technology

From nuclear engineering to information technology, the Engineering and Technology Department provides knowledge, skill, and hands-on training in a variety of cutting-edge, in-demand industries.

A pile of books on classic literature

English & Communications

Through courses in composition, journalism, speech, literature and Sign Language Interpretation, the English and Communications department helps students to develop the skills necessary for effective and accurate communication: thinking critically and creatively, reading analytically and articulating ideas clearly and effectively.

Group of flags from many different countries

World Languages

The World Languages department offers a comprehensive series of English as a Second Language and foreign language courses, helping students develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities.


The Math Dept offers a wide range of courses to prepare students for success in many different fields.

Music, Theatre and Dance

Music, Theatre and Dance

Through an appreciation of the performing arts, the Music, Theatre and Dance Department develops skilled, talented artists as well as a well-rounded, culturally aware student body.

Two women speaking in sign language

Sign Language Interpretation

Offering an Associate of Science degree in Sign Language Interpretation, this department seeks to develop the skills necessary to interpret the communications between deaf or hard-of-hearing persons and hearing individuals in an effective manner.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department Offers associate in arts degrees in the theoretical social sciences of anthropology, history, political science, psychology, and sociology.