Miami Dade College

North Campus

Sculpture park

The North Campus Sculpture Park will provide a unique location to view artwork outside of traditional museum or gallery settings. The grounds function as a public viewing place for outdoor sculpture and installations. (Open art space)

The Sculpture Park at North Campus will be for use by the public to promote an informal and pleasurable context for experiencing the landscape and artwork together. (Integration)

The Sculpture Park is to have an education program to provide tours and workshops for College students, public and school aged children. Under the concept of an open classroom for the arts. (Education)

The fields are free of charge and open to the public on a daily basis year-round from sunrise to sunset. (Access to everyone)

In addition, concerts, public readings, exhibitions and other special events will be held throughout the year. (Diversity)

Upon arrival to the North Campus, visitors should proceed to the Library located in the Mitchell Wolfson Center, Building 2000, to acquire a multilingual audio device and special event bulletin. Proceed to sculpture #1 (view map) to begin your art journey at Miami Dade College, North Campus.

For inquiries about art contributions to be permanently installed at the Miami International Sculpture Park, please contact the Dean of Administrative Services at (305) 237-1505.