Miami Dade College is committed to providing an institutional environment where all persons may pursue their studies, careers, duties and activities in an atmosphere free of threat of unwelcome and unwanted sexual offenses and violence. The College prohibits offenses of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking on its campuses and has developed policies and procedures to be followed once it has been determined that a sexual offense has occurred.

On-Campus Resources

Public Safety Department
Location Room Phone Number

Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Center

1101 305-237-1910
Hialeah Campus 1108


Homestead Campus 1114


Kendall Campus 5118 305-237-2100
Medical Campus 1153


North Campus 1177 305-237-1100
Eduardo J. Padrón Campus 1123


West Campus 1105 305-237-8100
Wolfson Campus 1140


Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA/Title IX Office
Location Room Phone Number

Kendall Campus

1101-2 305-237-0278
Dean of Students Offices
Location Room Phone Number
Carrie P. Meek Entrepreneurial Center 1317 305-237-1053
Hialeah Campus 2101-11 305-237-8715
Homestead Campus B-214 305-237-5003
Kendall Campus R202 305-237-2301
Medical Campus 1355-3 305-237-4212
North Campus 1317 305-237-1053
Eduardo J. Padrón Campus 1327 305-237-6001
West Campus 2109 305-237-4917
Wolfson Campus 3108 305-237-3007