Jonathan Herrera Student

Jonathan Herrera

I just received my associate in arts and now I am in the process of getting into a university to continue towards my bachelor’s in psychology. Throughout my journey in college, I finally found what career I plan on pursuing. I’ve chosen to be a nurse practitioner for mental health. My desire is to get involved in helping veterans with mental health issues. Being a veteran myself, I still feel a moral obligation to help out my brothers and sisters who served our great nation. These last two years have been a rollercoaster, but in the face of adversity I always had support from this amazing Veteran’s Upward Bound program. I’ve had a rough start transitioning from the military to the civilian world. I’ve always had trouble with math in school and thanks to this exceptional program I had the chance of meeting my tutor, Roy Williams. He put in countless hours to help even when he was off the clock. Seeing the potential in me, he was patient and helped me understand the subject. I’ve made a monumental amount of progress and even made the Dean’s List in one of my semesters. I am grateful for this program, which helped pave the way to making me a successful student.

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