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Program Overview

Virtual reality and augmented reality are emerging industries, which according to field experts have the potential to become the next big computing platform. Currently, both enterprises and consumers are the drivers of VR/AR adoption, and while videogames are taking center stage in this new platform, near-term applications for use include additional diverse industries such as entertainment, healthcare, automotive, retail, education, advertising, tourism, space, skilled trades, the military and law enforcement.

An education in VR/AR through MDC's College Credit Certificate program will prepare students for careers in this new and exciting platform empowering the next generation of creative thinkers and tech makers. MAGIC will be certifying developers and VR/AR specialists through quality training, state-of-the-art facilities and cutting edge technology, preparing them to meet industry needs at the highest level.

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Program Details

MDC's Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex (MAGIC) is offering this introductory course to provide students with insight into the Virtual and Augmented Reality industries. From the inception of the very first virtual reality technology to the most advanced content and hardware available today, students will become familiar with all aspects of virtual reality. The study program includes real life practical projects, interviews with industry leaders, information on industry growth and opportunities for content creators, developers and other entrepreneurs. In addition to offering quality instruction and practical knowledge, material covered in this course includes:

  • Introduction to Virtual and Augmented Technologies
  • Game Engines
  • Virtual Reality Platform Development
  • Augmented Reality Platform Development
Career Prospects

Typical job roles in this area of study include:

  • VR Developers
  • Immersive Tech Creative Director
  • Technical Director

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