Miami Dade College

Eduardo J. Padrón Campus

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Ghandi

From writing to art, ethics to communication, the CAP department at Padrón Campus manages all of the General Education courses in Communication, Composition, Literature, Creative Writing, Art, Religion, Humanities and Philosophy. 

Our faculty—regardless of discipline—find ways to engage your curiosity about the world and develop your critical thinking.  With each course you will become more and more engaged in experiencing, questioning and changing the world around you.  Our faculty and staff love the richness of our student body and welcome working with students from diverse parts of the world and from different neighborhoods in Miami. 

We have a few unique opportunities here at the Padrón Campus:

  • Join Urbana, our highly awarded literary magazine publishing fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and photography.  Contact advisors Omar Figueras ( or Emily Sendin ( if you would like to join.  Open to all students;
  • Take GSEL designated courses that help you develop your understanding of how best to create a more sustainable and resilient world while taking all of your required, general education courses.  View our full listing of current GSEL courses. Padrón Campus has many clubs, field trips and service opportunities that develop your civic engagement and understanding of earth ethics;
  • Look for our many blended courses that offer an option to meet face-to-face one day a week and complete the rest online.

Course Listing

Here is a current list of courses taught at Padrón Campus. Gordon Rule courses are designated with GW. Every student needs 24 credits of GW courses to graduate. View this page for more information regarding Gordon Rule.

CRW2001 Creative Writing
CRW2002 Creative Writing
ENC1101 English Composition 1 (GW)
ENC1102  English Composition 2 (GW)
LIT2480 Issues in Literature and Culture (GW)
LIT2000  Intro to Literature (GW)
SPC1017 Fundamental of Speech Communication (GW)
SPC2608    Intro to Public Speaking
ARH1000 Art Appreciation
ARH2740 Cinema Appreciation (GW)
THE2000  Theater Appreciation (GW Spring Only)
HUM1020  Humanities
REL2300 World Religions (Fall only)
PHI1010   Introduction to Philosophy (GW)
PHI2604    Critical Thinking and Ethics (GW)
PHI2070 Intro to Eastern Philosophy (Fall only)
MMC2000   Intro to Mass Communication
MUL1010   Music Appreciation
MUL2380  Jazz and Popular Music in America (GW)

Faculty Directory

Name Web Page Email Telephone Office
Glenda Phipps, Chairperson 305-237-6049 1332
Omar Figueras, Instructor
Composition, Literature & Urbana Advisor
305-237-6187 1373
Tricia Foster, Composition and Literature     305-237-6226 1342-02
Alicia Garcia, Composition and Literature     305-237-6221 1359
Taurie Gittings-Wheeler, Assistant Professors
Humanities, Theater & Art
  305-237-6608 1357
Oscar Gonzalez, Instructor
Composition & Literature
  305-237-6826 1346
Liza Greenberg, Associate Professor
Composition & Literature (GSEL Certified)
305-237-6081 1322
Volrick Higgs, Instructor
305-237-6804 1372
Albert Lenel, Associate Professor
Philosophy (GSEL Certified)
305-237-6498 1316
Jacquelyn Loftus, Associate Professor
Humanities & Religion
305-237-6321 1334
Matthew Sang, Assistant Professors
  305-237-6015 1358
Emily Sendin, Associate Sr. Professor
Composition, Literature & Urbana Advisor (GSEL Certified)
305-237-6172 1340
Aaron Shapiro, Instructor
305-237-6027 1371
Jose Sebastian Terneus, Assistant Professor
English and Literature
305-237-6010 1342-01