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These College Credit programs are certified by the Florida Department of Education and require fewer credits than an Associate in Science degree. College credits granted in these programs will apply toward the related Associate in Science degree. Students receive an institutional College Credit Certificate upon completion and the program’s title is added to the student’s transcript.

College Credit Certificate (CCC)


The Advanced Technical Certificate is available to students who have already been awarded an Associate in Science degree and wish to upgrade their skills. Students must successfully complete a prescribed set of courses at the advanced level in order to be awarded the certificate.

Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC)

These programs are comprised of vocational credit courses. Program length varies depending upon the complexity of the individual course of study. Training is focused on preparation for immediate job entry and specific job titles. Competencies gained upon successful completion of these programs may result in advanced placement or specific credits towards an Associate in Science degree. Students interested in these programs should contact the appropriate campus department for additional information.

Career Technical Certificate (CTE/VCC)

The Certificate of Professional Preparation (CPP) is design to prepare baccalaureate degree holders for licensure, certification, credentialing, examinations, or other demonstrations of competency necessary for entry into professional occupations.

Certificate of Professional Preparation (CPP)