Alternative Placement Criteria for Exempt and Non-Exempt Students

Miami Dade College offers alternative measures for placement in ENC1101, MAT 1033 higher level mathematics courses and other college credit courses. Effective with the Fall 2022 registration period, the alternative placement criteria below is used for demonstrating college readiness. Special Note: Test scores are not required for exempt students. Exempt students are all students who entered 9th grade in a Florida public school in the 2003-2004 school year, or any year thereafter, and earned a standard diploma from a Florida public high school and students who are serving as active-duty members of any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Alternate Methods for Degree Programs and College Credit Certificate Programs

  1. Scores are valid for a maximum of two years.
  2. Scores may be on the Florida public high school transcript or on an official score report from the issuing entity.
  3. Use of course grades are limited to currently enrolled secondary school students and students who graduated from a high school within a two (2) year period.
  4. English and Math courses grades must be on the Florida public high school transcript to demonstrate college readiness. Exception note: Grades for AP, IB, and AICE may be from any high school transcript.
  5. Performance in high school coursework requires a student to have an unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 and a grade of 'B' or better in approved high school courses taught at a Florida Public High School or through AP, IB, Cambridge/AICE.
  6. MDC will only accept earned credit for course grades with an attribute of 1.0 units (courses attributed to 0.5 units do not meet the demonstration of college readiness).
  7. Non-exempt students whose assessment results indicate a need for developmental education shall enroll in developmental education in the area of the deficiency.

Alternative Placement Criteria Guide

*Courses designated for non-algebra track students.

Placement Guide for Traditional Tests

Table Notes:

  • Placement in mathematics courses will be determined by the student's algebra or non-algebra track program of study.
  • For placement in higher level mathematics courses, an alternative method may be used for an exempt student or for students with valid college-ready placement test scores who are not eligible for an alternate method.
  • Any student who meets the minimum college readiness level may use just course grade for placement into higher level math courses.
    1. a 3.0 unweighted GPA is not required for this purpose,
    2. a Florida public high school course is not required for this purpose.
  • Students who wish to the use the alternative placement criteria to register for MAC1140 or equivalent/higher need to seek advisement from the math department prior to enrolling.
  • Students may meet placement requirements as established in 6A-10.0315 Demonstration of Readiness for College-Level Communication and Computation with existing PERT, SAT, ACT or ACCUPLACER scores.
  • Any combination of existing placement criteria and alternative methods may be used to meet college readiness.
  • The ACCUPLACER Next-Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) subtest is used by the Honors College for placement of students in advanced mathematics courses (higher than MAC 1105, MAC 1106, MGF 1106, and STA 2023).
  • Alternate methods assessment results below college readiness may be used for placement into developmental education in the area of the deficiency.
Alternative Placement Criteria Toolkit