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What is the Customs Broker Apprenticeship?

The Customs Broker Apprenticeship is designed to prepare apprentices for employment in Transportation, Distribution and Logistics. The program content is broad-based to reflect the cross-functional relationships prevalent in supply chain management. Apprentices are exposed to related business practices such as standard operating procedures, negotiation techniques, planning, organizing, and accounting concepts, purchasing, sustainability, warehousing, project management, quality control, import/export, and asset management theory. Emphasis is placed on understanding the planning, acquisition, flow, and distribution of goods and services while managing the complexity of operational linkages in a fast-paced global supply chain.

Apprentices will earn a College Credit Certificate in Logistics and Transportation Specialist, issued by Miami Dade College and a Florida Department of Education Apprenticeship Certificate of Completion, recognized by United States Department of Labor.

Is this program right for me?

Each participating apprentice signs an Apprentice Agreement accepting the training program outlined in the apprentice package. Apprentice responsibilities include working faithfully and diligently in the occupation, protecting the property of the employer, respecting and complying with all rules, regulations and policies of the employer and MDC, successfully completing all related technical instruction (RTI) lessons, assignments, and assessments as required, and submitting properly completed records in a timely manner upon request.

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