Accelerate, Retain, Complete with Opportunities and Support

A student meets with an academic advisor in her office

Students who are planning to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue a STEM degree need a solid academic plan to ensure they enroll in the correct sequence of courses. STEM advisors are committed to supporting you with your academic endeavors from admissions to graduation. Individual advising sessions may include assistance with the following:

  • MAP (My Academic Plan) – An individual term-by-term course plan co-devised between you and your STEM advisor.
  • GPS (Goals + Plans = Success) – A solid plan consisting of short and long term goals delineating a path or timeline to accomplish your desired career.
  • Transfer Information – The transfer process can be challenging. Your advisor can offer information and provide you with guidance throughout the process.
  • Community and campus resources – From scholarship to research opportunities, your advisor can link you to available opportunities and resources.