Let's be changemakers

Create Positive Change

What is changemaking?

Changemakers thrive on turning ideas into positive change, whether big or small. Changemakers are students like you. They take action. They make the world a better place for themselves and for others. You can do it at your own pace. And you can focus on what you care about most. At MDC we want all students to discover their changemaking powers. It’s fun for you. And it’s great for the community.

Changemaking happens when your desire for positive change intersects with your ability to make change happen. To be a changemaker, you need to want positive change, and you need to have the right set of skills and mindsets to help make that change happen.  

What kind of “change” are we talking about?

Positive change can be of any magnitude, big or small – and can be for the benefit of any group, including your family, your school, or your community.

What is MDC’s Changemaking Initiative?

MDC is committed to providing all students with an educational experience that will nurture their development as changemakers. We aim to ensure that every experience you have either inside or outside the classroom contributes to your discovery of what change you want to see in the world, and builds your ability to make that change happen. You can take courses that will help you develop the right skills and mindsets essential to being a changemaker.  You can also get involved with clubs and groups that focus on issues that are meaningful to you.  You might also want to work with faculty whose classes offer unique opportunities for hands-on, community-engaged learning.  There are many ways MDC will support your changemaking journey.

What is unique about changemaking at MDC?

As “Democracy’s College”, we believe that everyone can be a changemaker. That’s why we celebrate and encourage all sorts of positive change, whether big or small, and that’s also why we offer different ways to get involved in changemaking.

What does changemaking education look like at MDC?

Changemaking at Miami Dade College engages students beyond the classroom providing opportunities to get involved and make a difference in our community. Students have opportunities to get involved by taking a Changemaker designated class or with a number of organizations at their campuses. Check out these great opportunities.

Changemaker Opportunities

Each opportunity inspires students to make a difference united together promoting leadership and civic engagement.

What’s in it for you?

As a Changemaker Campus, we believe in a world where solutions will someday outrun problems.  To get there, however, we need everyone’s contributions as changemakers.  When you show up and lean in as a changemaker, you aren’t only helping to create a better future - you’re also setting yourself apart in ways that will make others take notice of you.  When you take advantage of the changemaking opportunities available at MDC, you can earn a Changemaking Scholar designation, and take part in the many different opportunities we’re building for you.  Whether it’s additional leadership development opportunities, exciting internships with community partners, meaningful opportunities of service and social innovation, or whether it’s just to build our your college portfolio, becoming an MDC Changemaker has many benefits for you and the world you’re helping to shape. Plus, it’s a lot of fun - and who doesn’t want to have more fun?

How can I as a student become involved in changemaking at MDC?

Where can I learn more about changemaking?

You can find more information about changemaking at MDC by speaking to your campus IMPACT team. This group of faculty, staff, and students lead the new and ongoing changemaking projects at the campus you attend.