Communities of Interest
Building Communities for Student Success

Communities of Interest (COI) represent a network of students with similar academic interests and career goals. Learning experiences and initiatives within the COI framework will (1) promote student engagement and development, (2) enhance program persistence resulting in completion of a certificate or degree, and (3) promote global citizenship and lifelong learning.
COIs are a college-wide priority because they support student retention, persistence, transfer, graduation, and gainful employment.
Kick-off Events, Virtual Communities, Academic/ Engagement Workshops, Career Development, and Internship Preparedness/ Workforce Readiness/ Transfer Workshops are just a few of these activities offered.

MDC will offer a total of eight COIs. These COIs will align with the State of Florida Department of Education Meta-Majors which include:

  • Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
  • Education
  • Industry/ Manufacturing and Construction
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Business
  • Health Sciences
  • Public Safety
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services
Yes, COIs will be infused into all meta-majors utilizing similar components and elements that are designed to enhance persistence, completion, transfer, and workforce readiness.
No. While all meta-majors will facilitate the same types of COI activities (e.g. Kick-off Events, Workshops, etc.) with a similar structure, students will not receive the exact same information. For example, the Kick-off Events will connect students with clubs primarily based on their program of study.
No. COIs will enrich the vibrant campus life and activities that students already experience at the College.
As a part of Shark Path, COIs target students within each of the eight meta-majors by embedding data-driven and research-based activities in response to significant known and emerging barriers to student success.
No, COIs are strongly recommended, but not necessarily mandatory for students.