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Cyber Range

Miami Dade College’s new state-of-the-art Cyber Range is one of the most advanced security training platforms available anywhere. Designed by Cyberbit, a world leader in cybersecurity, the cutting-edge Cyber Range will bring you face-to-face with live cyberattacks leading you to detect, neutralize, and remediate incidents in real-time.

When a cyberattack occurs, security professionals do not have the luxury of time. Every second is critical. You must be ready to act…decisively and effectively.

Main features making the Cyber Range a unique training tool

Over a Dozen Attack Scenarios

  • Trainees will face today’s most advanced cyberattacks including Ransomware, Man-in-the-Middle, SQL Injection and others. Attack scenarios are constantly being added to ensure trainees face the latest generation of attacks.

Advanced Trainee Assessment Tools

  • Trainees are recorded from the first moment of an attack until the very last, allowing managers, instructors and others to review performance.
  • Critical assessments will provide organizations with an understanding of each team member's level of preparedness before an actual attack occurs.

Industry-leading Security Tools

  • The Cyber Range does not rely on open-source security tools, but rather provides trainees with industry leading security tools to more closely resemble what they work with on a daily basis.

Highly Complex Network

  • Simulated attacks occur within a highly complex virtual network mirroring the network size and scope that most trainees will encounter professionally. Network includes multiple Servers (Mail, Web, Application, Database, etc.), Firewalls, SIEMs and many other assets and tools.

Network Traffic Generator

  • Not only is the network highly complex, but the Cyber Range presents the option of using a Network Traffic Generator to increase the complexity of the attack scenarios. The Network Traffic Generator will flood the network with harmless traffic simulating an organization’s activity thus making it much more challenging for the trainees to identify the malicious actor and/or content while avoiding false positives.

Red (Attack) Team Standardization

  • All attack scenarios are preprogrammed and ready to be deployed with the push of a button. All trainees face the same exact level of attack regardless of when a training occurs.