A team of professionals in a meeting

Security professionals tend to develop their expertise individually, but in practice, security is a team effort. Most large organizations have multiple I.T. professionals, each focusing on a specific area. Training should be no different.

One of the premier aspects of the Cybersecurity Center of the Americas at Miami Dade College is the opportunity to train and assess an entire team, from help-desk analysts to C-level executives.

Team Trainings

Utilizing the center’s S.O.C. training facility, an I.T. team can take part in a coordinated training allowing each trainee to focus on their specific role. Once an attack has been launched, the Cyber Range will record each team member’s response to the attack allowing management to assess how the team reacted, individually and collectively, to the incident.

Not only will individual team members and management better understand how to react technically, they will also practice and enhance important skills such as communication, teamwork and decision-making.

And most importantly, an organization will know whether their team is ready to act as one cohesive unit when a real cyberattack occurs.

Corporate Trainings

The Cybersecurity Center of the Americas will work with you to design customized trainings including:

  • Basic security awareness trainings for all of your users
  • Tabletop exercises to run through your incident response playbook
  • A full-scale incident training that incorporates all aspects of a cyberattack
    • I.T. detection and remediation
    • Management decision-making
    • Executive response (communication and P.R.)

We'll collaborate with you to develop a program that addresses specific areas of concern or need for your team.