Excellence Awards presentation on stage

Dear Colleagues,

In keeping with our rich tradition of recognizing excellence at Miami Dade College, applications are now open for the President's Excellence Awards Program. Embedded in my commitment to fostering a culture of care, this employee recognition program provides the opportunity to nominate colleagues who uphold the highest values at MDC.

There are three signature honors within the program in which you can participate in. Recipients who are awarded “The Excellence Award” will be provided a one-time monetary award, made possible by the MDC Foundation. In addition, there are opportunities within the program to recognize departments or divisions that are driving excellence and innovation through the “Service Excellence Award.” Employees can also be recognized for going above and beyond to serve our students and support each other with the “On the Spot” award.

We deeply value your dedication and commitment in helping MDC accelerate its mission to enrich our community. It is your collective contributions that allows us to continue delivering an exceptional educational experience which provides life changing opportunities for our students.

With gratitude,
Madeline Pumariega


The President’s Excellence Awards Program is administered by the Office of the College President and the Division of Human Resources. This program provides the opportunity to recognize employee contributions and service with three signature honors:

President’s Excellence Award

Funded by the MDC Foundation, this recognition provides a one-time monetary award to full-time employees exhibiting extraordinary standards of performance and accomplishment that amplify the College’s mission and embody MDC's core values.

Service Excellence Award

This award is granted to any MDC department or division that has proven exceptional creativity in “going the extra mile” to provide service to students, faculty and/or staff.

President’s "On the Spot" Award

This award is designed to reward an employee (full-time or part-time) for an act that seemingly took a simple effort but ultimately will have lasting positive effects on students, faculty, staff, visitors or safety in the workplace. The President’s On the Spot Award is your opportunity to nominate a colleague for their extraordinary action.

The recognition period is annual. Awards are not guaranteed to be presented each year as they are based on merit, contribution, and the availability of funds. As such, there may be some years in which no recognition will be given. Please complete the form to nominate an employee and/or department for one of the above awards.