Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL)

A model of collaborative learning, which involves students working in small groups led by trained peer leaders.

  • Students actively work together in groups to learn subject-specific content and solve complex problems
  • Peer leaders facilitate small-group learning sessions
  • Students actively work together and learn from and with others
  • Students discuss ideas in a non-threatening environment
  • Group size is small, atmosphere is relaxed, and structure is informal
  • Faculty assumes the role of mentor and facilitator of learning

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Differentiated Instruction (DI)

Differentiating content, process, products, or learning environment to meet the individual needs of students.

  • Recognizes students’ varied background knowledge, readiness levels, language preferences and interests, and tailors instruction accordingly
  • Promotes flexible student grouping by readiness, interest, and learning profiles
  • Employs various modes of instructional delivery
  • Plans relevant learning opportunities that are student-centered
  • Maximizes each student’s growth and individual success by meeting each student at their level of need
  • Nurtures a change in faculty “mindset” not simply the use of “different” instructional strategies

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Project Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)

The process of students, with individual roles, constructing new knowledge through interactive group work.

  • Purposeful synthesis of content to be learned
  • Incorporates student collaboration and analytical thinking
  • Students work on specifically designed problems and material
  • Employs inquiry and the constructivist framework to develop students’ process skills
  • Uses carefully designed classroom materials to guide the learning of self-managed teams
  • Faculty assumes the role of “facilitator of team learning” rather than the knowledge purveyor

For additional resources visit POGIL in MDC LibGuide.