Future Students

Home School

Thank you for your interest in Miami Dade College's Home School Dual Enrollment Program. Prior to competing the 6 steps listed below, all home school students must be enrolled in the Florida Home Education Program.

For more information please contact:

Miami Dade County Public Schools - Homeschool Department
489 East Dr. Miami Springs, FL 33166

Step 1:  Apply for Admission

  1. Secondary School Student must apply for Dual Enrollment Admission at MDC.
  2. Once Admissions Application for Dual Enrollment has been processed - students will receive an assigned MDC ID Number

Here are your next steps:

Step 2: Submit the Home School Dual Enrollment and Test Referral Form

  • Be sure to upload a scanned copy of the Florida Home Education Enrollment Verification Letter to the Home School Dual Enrollment and Test Referral Form.

Start Dual Enrollment and Test Referral Process

Step 3: Provide College Placement Scores

  • Upon submission of the Home School Dual Enrollment and Test Referral Form, a testing and assessment department representative at the campus/location where the student intends to test will process the form and allow the referred student to take the selected test.  Student must schedule an online appointment to take a placement test in the test center or submit a Remote Testing Request Form.
  • The appointment or the remote testing request will be matched with the referral form and processed for in-test center or technology supported proctoring. Students who are approved for remote testing will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how and when to schedule the exam.
  • If students have college ready SAT/ACT scores, request for SAT/ACT scores to be sent electronically to MDC.
  • If students have college ready PERT scores (from your high school), the Testing and Assessment Department at MDC can retrieve them from a repository

Step 4: Complete the Home School Dual Enrollment Program Packet

Upon completion of the student's test administration and the subsequent score verification process, the student will be e-mailed a Home School Dual Enrollment Packet via MDC's Adobe Sign Platform that must be completed and electronically signed. View this simple tutorial on how to use Adobe Sign.

  • The Home School Dual Enrollment Packet consists of the:
    • The Home School Articulation Agreement
    • The Home School Dual Enrollment Program Form
  • Please note that the Adobe Sign platform will direct students and help them complete each section.
  • For the Dual Enrollment Program Form, students are responsible for completing sections I and III as well as signing in section II.
  • For section III, Students can search for classes and sections at the registration site or by using the student portal
Completing the Dual Enrollment Program Form
  1. Student:
    • Sign the Home School Articulation Agreement
    • Complete Part I & III and sign in section 2
      Be sure to indicate the start term as well as home campus.
  2. Parent/Guardian:
    • Sign the Home School Articulation Agreement
    • Sign in section 2 of Dual Enrollment Program Form
  3. Packet is electronically returned to MDC

Step 4:  Registration

  • Once the Home School Dual Enrollment Program Packet is returned to MDC, our MDC Dual Enrollment Coordinator's will process and register the student based on the courses that the student selected.
  • MDC Dual Enrollment Coordinator will send the student an e-mail confirming enrollment.

Step 5: Textbook Processing

Miami Dade College in collaboration with Follett Higher Education (the College's textbook provider) has introduced an online ordering platform to help dual enrollment students order the necessary course materials. Please note that this process pertains to all students whose course materials are covered by Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) or Private/Charter school institutions who have a working relationship with the MDC Bookstores. For more information on Private/Charter school course materials, please contact your secondary school counselor.

Important Tips for ordering textbooks

Caution - Please Read Before You Order!
MDC bookstores are now open! To maintain safety and social distancing, we are asking students to order course materials online. Students will receive an e-mail when course materials are ready to be picked up at their mdc bookstore of choice. Shipping costs are not covered under Florida Statute 1007.271.

M-DCPS Dual Enrollment students may order only 1 copy of the required material(s) per course. Students will be held financially responsible for any duplicate items ordered.

Order Textbooks

Step 6: Save a Final Copy for Your Records

Once form is fully executed, all parties will receive a copy of the form for their records. This form will automatically be forwarded to Campus Admissions for filing.