Why Become a Community Partner?

The Institute for Civic Engagement & Democracy (iCED) seeks to have a collaborative relationship with all of our service partners and we recognize and honor the skills and knowledge that service partners possess. By providing significant learning experiences to MDC students, partners serve an important “co-educator” role. We understand that the relationship must be reciprocal. Partnerships are formed to share resources, including skills and expertise, to strengthen impact and address a community need.

Miami Dade College partners report many benefits, including:

  • Infusion of people power
  • Client/community partner needs met
  • More informed/involved citizenry
  • New ideas and energy
  • Access to college resources
  • Reinvigorate supervisors/staff

Service partners enrich the student experience by providing them an opportunity to:

  • Enhance learning
  • Connect theory to practice
  • Explore majors and careers
  • Foster civic responsibility
  • Encourage life-long commitment to service
  • Enhance employability
  • Develop changemaker qualities of empathy, action, reflection, and resilience
  • Qualify for scholarships, build self-esteem, and much more.