Miambiance Magazine
Past Editors

21st Century Editions

Volume 20, 2010: Stephanie Del Pino, Editor-in-Chief and Samantha Romero, Executive Editor

Volume 19, 2009:  Nicole Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief and Elizabeth Cole, Executive Editor

Volume 18, 2008:  Ivan Vargas, Editor-in-Chief and Nicole Fernandez, Executive Editor

Volume 17, 2007: Nicole Cabrera, Editor-in-Chief and Ivan Vargas, Executive Editor

Volume 16, 2006: Noel Walter, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor, Nicole Cabrera

Volume 15, 2005: Noel Walter, Managing Editor

Volume 14, 2004: Xavier Botero: Editor-in-Chief and Michelle Zambrana, Executive Editor

Volume 13, 2003: Carlos David Garcia, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor Angelique Millis

Volume 12, 2002: Sandy Foldvari, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 11, 2001: Petrus Chang, Managing Editor

20th Century Editions

Volume 10: Managing Editor, José S. Mesa

Volume 9: Managing Editor, Jennifer Cisco and Assistant Managing Editor, José S. Mesa

Volume 8: Managing Editor, Jennifer Cisco

Volume 7: Managing Editors, Cristine Hogan and Kylin Johnson

Volume 6: Editors, Ralph Abreu and Jacqueline Arango, Managing Editors, Laura Huppert and Vivian Marthell

Volume 5: Editors, Christopher G. Roge and Elizabeth F. Susky

Volume 4: Editor, Deisy Rodriguez, Managing Editors Michelle Haynes and Christopher Roge

Volume 3: Editor, Victoria Cosley and Managing Editors Theresa Grant and Vicki Pope

Volume 2: Editors, Nora Rodriguez and Christy Rose

Volume 1: Editor, Barbara Benkert and Managing Editors Sandy Perez and Christy Rose


Miami Dade College is an equal access/equal opportunity institution which does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, marital status, age, religion, national origin, disability, veteran’s status, ethnicity, pregnancy, sexual orientation or genetic information. Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs/ADA Coordinator/Title IX Coordinator, at 305.237.2577.