Learning Outcomes at MDC

Charge of Learning Outcomes Coordinating Council (LOCC), Since 2006

The Learning Outcomes Coordinating Council was charged in 2006 by the Provost for Academic and Student Affairs with analyzing the consistency throughout the curriculum, outcomes, and assessments. The Provost for Academic and Student Affairs will annually appoint the council members based on recommendations from the Student Deans Council, the Academic Leadership Council, and endorsement of their respective campus presidents. The Council's responsibilities are:

  • Provide recommendations based on a decanal review (to coincide with the SACS Accreditation process) of the learning outcomes and assessment results to the Student Deans Council and the Academic Leadership Council.
  • Provide annual ongoing review of the learning outcomes assessment results and based on this review provide recommendations to the Student Deans Council and the Academic Leadership Council regarding the strengths and opportunities for improvement pertaining to MDC graduates attaining the learning outcomes.
  • Review annual reports from the Learning Outcomes Assessment Team (appointed by the Provost for Academic and Student Affairs). The Learning Outcomes Assessment Team creates assessment tasks, scoring rubrics, and assesses learning outcomes tasks using the scoring rubrics.
  • Provide reports to the Schools and Disciplines as needed.

Charge of Learning Outcomes Assessment Team (LOAT), Since 2007

The new Team will be appointed for a one-year term by the Provost for Academic and Students Affairs based on a review of assessment experience from prospective team members and recommendations from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Leadership Council and Student Deans. This team comprises 25 multidisciplinary faculty members, 4 student affairs professionals, and a host of resource members who have collective expertise in outcomes-based assessment and assessment practice. The Team is co-chaired by an MDC faculty member and the District Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment.

To sustain systematic learning efforts at MDC, the Assessment Team will

  • Provide expertise in designing institution-level, outcomes-based learning assessments;
  • Evaluate assessments;
  • Review, plan and implement institution-level learning outcomes assessment activities;
  • Collaborate with respective disciplines and student affairs departments to clarify or discuss the assessment process;
  • Review institutional research findings as they relate to the learning outcomes assessment;
  • Discuss learning outcomes assessment issues and emerging technologies/trends to support this assessment process; and
  • Submit annual reports to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Learning Outcomes Committee (co-chaired and led by two MDC faculty members).

The LOAT is now accepting applications for 2018-2019 membership.

Faculty are encouraged to apply or reapply to the Learning Outcomes Assessment Team (LOAT) starting March 5th-April 6th. New members should submit Learning Outcomes Assessment Team Application long version.  This is a faculty-driven endeavor representing full-time faculty members from various academic and workforce disciplines, as well as student affairs professionals and resource members.

Current members of the LOAT can reapply annually using the LOAT Renewal Form

LOAT members evaluate student attainment of the College’s Ten Learning Outcomes via College-wide Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (CSLOA); collaborate with respective disciplines, student affairs departments and students to clarify and discuss the assessment process and results; and review institutional research findings as they relate to learning outcomes assessment.  LOAT members are expected to participate in appropriate professional development norming workshops and attend all 4 scoring sessions (usually held the last week of each semester) for the fall and spring administrations of the College-wide Student Learning Outcomes Assessments (CSLOA). Individuals with a passion for assessment and commitment to improving student learning should apply.

Deadline: Please send completed applications by inter-office mail to Barika Barboza, Office of Learning & Program Evaluation, Wolfson, Room 1440-02, or scan and email (bbarboza@mdc.edu)  the application by Friday, April 6th, 2018.  

Thank you for supporting the LOAT!