Multidisciplinary Academic Learning Lounges

Peer- Led Institute for Educational Excellence

Our first year program offers students the opportunity to participate in four modules. Each module has an assorted selection of workshops to choose from. Students must take a minimum of three workshops in each modules:

Understanding your Pathway

  • Career Exploration
    Explore different career paths and current workforce trends.

Campus Resources and Navigation

  • Student Engagement & Campus Resources - Engagement on campus is as important as what is learned in the classroom. During this session, students will learn about different opportunities and where to find information about them. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to learn about academic and personal resources that are available on campus to ensure students feel supported throughout their college experience.
  • Student Engagement with Faculty - Students will learn about the various types of instructional tools used by professors, how to effectively communicate with educators, and choose a faculty mentor.

Your Academic Growth

  • Information Literacy: Research, APA/MLA, and Plagiarism: Students in this workshop will learn how to navigate library resources, understand academic information and computer literacy. Additionally, this workshop will cover APA/MLA formatting and how to avoid plagiarism. Areas of focus include:
    • In-text citations
    • References
    • Formatting
  • Learning Styles: Studying skills and learning styles can vary from person to person, depending on personality types. Ranging from visual to auditory or kinesthetic, this workshop allows for exploration of different styles so that students can understand what method best fits them.

Your Personal Growth

  • What is Abuse, Sexual Assault and Consent: This workshop is intended to provide students with the education on what consent is, why it is required, and how to practice it. In addition, students will get a brief overview of what resources are available for victims of sexual assault and abuse.
  • Social Change, Involvement & Being a Changemaker: Students attending this workshop will connect to the perspective offered by MDC’s iCED (Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy) on social change and how that transforms into involvement. Learn the importance of being a changemaker now and in the future and how to grasp opportunities offered by iCED.
  • Health and Wellness: Becoming a successful college student is not achieved only by doing well in the classroom but by also living a healthy life. Our Health and Wellness workshop will address healthy options, benefits of eating healthy and working out as well as wellness myths.

Co- Curricular Learning Academy

Our second year program requires students to choose which track to complete. Each track will have workshops pertaining to the designated track to assist students with the resources and knowledge needed to complete their Social Change Capstone Project. Students choose the project and whether or not to do it in a group or as an individual. All capstone projects must be approved in advance.


  • Academic Learning/Co-Curricular Service Learning
  • Internships/Research
  • Peer Leadership
  • Career Development
  • Entrepreneurship

Early Alert Referral System

With the Early Alert Referral System (EARS) faculty and support staff are able to refer students to the MALLs for consultation and assistance in finding additional resources to help them in and outside the classroom. Students may also refer themselves.

Depending on the needs of the student, a referral may be made to other areas such as Advisement and Career Services, Single Stop, Financial Aid or one of our various labs for further assistance.

The goals of the Early Alert Referral System are:

  • Connect with struggling students as early in the semester as possible
  • Connect students to campus-based resources to resolve their academic issues
  • Help students maintain or improve their GPA
  • Improve student retention and graduation rates.

Pop Up MALLs

Interested in our events but don’t have time to commit to a whole program? Pop-Up MALLs is here to deliver co-curricular and curricular experiences on the go. Below is current Pop Up programming:

Shark Expedition provides incoming MDC North Campus students with the opportunity to explore the campus and its valuable resources. The one or two-day program, includes campus tours, activities and meet and greet sessions with professors and students.

The Math and Science Preparation Academy prepares students registered for incoming math and science courses. The academies prepare students with the fundamental skills necessary for course success.