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Program Overview

The Music Business Management option, one of three Music Business degree program options, is designed for students pursuing careers in the music or entertainment industries, with a focus on business skills and business knowledge specific to the music industry. Music performance ability, knowledge of music technology and theoretical knowledge of music are not pre-requisites for success in this pathway.

MDC's Music Business programs are designed for students who intend to seek employment in the music business, and are an alternative to traditional music degree programs. The Associate in Science degree in Music Business combines course work that pertains to the music and entertainment industries with related courses and experiences specific to each of our three Music Business options.

Hands-on projects, insight from music business professionals and experiences in state-of-the-art facilities empower graduates to obtain the skills and knowledge demonstrated by music business professionals.

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Program Details

The A.S. degree is designed for students who are looking for immediate entry into a career upon graduation. Most discipline courses directly relate to the identified career area. The remaining courses are comprised of general education courses.

All music business majors complete course work in general education, music business, small business entrepreneurship, accounting, computer applications and web design. Depending on the selected Music Business option, students may also complete course work in music performance, sound engineering, songwriting, business law, and other courses specific to their interests.

Each of our three Music Business options concludes with an internship experience within an established professional component of the music industry. The internship experience is an important bridge between academic preparation and career development and may include work in music production, music marketing, music merchandising, artist management, live sound reinforcement, and other facets of the industry. 

The curriculum includes:

  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • International Business
  • Small Business Management
  • Business Plan
  • Music Marketing
  • Copyright
  • Music Licensing
  • Artist Management

Additional Concentrations

Students may select one of three options as a concentration, but there is only one A.S. program and students will be awarded the Music Business degree only once.

Additional concentrations in this degree program:

Career Prospects

Individuals with music business expertise work with record label companies, music publishers, distributors, radio and television stations, and many others in career areas such as:

  • Music and record promotion
  • Tour management
  • Music marketing
  • Event and production management
  • Sound engineering
  • Music production
  • Copyright administration
  • Music publishing

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